Cal & Bomba

An explosive math adventure

We are super happy to announce that Cal & Bomba won "Best Innovation" at Spillprisen 2023.
Download for phones and tablets:
First 30 levels are free to play.
Play in web browser on PC/MAC
All levels are free to play.
About the game:

Cal & Bomba is a math game designed to make interacting with mathematical theory fun and educational for all. You must devise a strategy for how to use the available tools, and you need to use percentage calculations to determine the cannon's accurate range. Can you solve all the challenges?

Game concept

Our heroes

Cal & Bomba is about the pyromaniac gnome Cal and his wife, the troll Bomba. They travel through different worlds and want to blow up everything they encounter.


Program a sequence using a combination of mathematical tools, explosives and other game mechanics, and watch as your plan comes to fruition.

Game trailer

Key info

Target audience:
Kids age 12 - 16
Math theory:
Percentages and general logic
IOS, Android and web-browsers
Supported devices:
Phones, Tablets, PC and Mac.