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About Filiokus

Filiokus develops math games that focus on visualizing and animating mathematics for students in secondary school. The company sees games as a fundamental educational medium and aims to create gaming situations where students have the opportunity to experience that mathematical choices have practical consequences.

In 2011, entrepreneur Martin Lothe Sæterdal wrote his bachelor's thesis at the Bergen Academy of Art and Design on the visualization of mathematics as educational tools. After an 11-year maturation process, Filiokus was started to develop games based on the principles explored in this thesis. Today, Filiokus consists of Martin Lothe Sæterdal, Gjermund Mørkved Bohne, and Simen Barstad Skjevdal. The company released its first game in 2023 and plans to launch several more games in the future.

Filiokus employs design-driven innovation as a fundamental method for game development. An important principle of design-driven innovation is continuous user testing and user involvement, and in this context, Filiokus has collaborated with Frydenberg Secondary School.

“We see that many who associate the subject of math with adversity and negative emotions experience mastery and joy when they have the opportunity to play with mathematical theory in a game.”.

— Martin Lothe Sæterdal, founder and CEO.

"For some students, the difference between a regular math class and the class where we played Cal & Bomba is completely extreme. Both in terms of effort, sense of mastery, and the opportunity to learn from their own mistakes. I have seen students who, in many ways, have given up on the subject of math, sit and enjoy themselves with mathematics for 2 hours. It's simply pretty cool."

— Snorre Grimstad, teacher Frydenberg school.

Filiokus first game, Cal & Bomba, won "Best Innovation" at Spillprisen 2023.

The jury's reasoning

The jury praises the game for its innovative approach to learning, blending gameplay mechanics and pedagogy in an engaging manner. The game stands out in its genre by presenting its gameplay with great charm and playfulness. In this game, traditionally heavy and difficult school subjects are transformed into entertaining and accessible tasks that one feels motivated to solve. It is highlighted as a useful learning tool that engages children of all ages, both in school and during leisure time, demonstrating that learning can be enjoyable. The jury believes the game has the potential to improve mathematical understanding among young people.

Contact info:

Martin Lothe Sæterdal
994 86 426


Cal & Bomba gameplay photo on phone.Cal & Bomba gameplay photo on iPad.Gamlpay screenshot Cal & Bomba.Kids reacting to playing Cal & BombaKids playing Cal & Bomba on phones.Martin Lothe Sæterdal. Founder and CEO of Filiokus.

Game concept


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Key info

Target audience:
Kids age 12 - 16
Math theory:
Percentages and general logic
IOS, Android and web-browsers
Supported devices:
Phones, Tablets, PC and Mac.